Kitten And Golden Retriever Puppy Love Each Other From First Lick

Friendships are formed through all sorts of circumstances. My son has had the same best friend since the first day of preschool. Aiden. I’d change his name to protect the innocent, but Aiden is no innocent. If ever there is trouble to be had, Aiden is at the heart of it. Or my son is. I can never get a straight answer. Between the two of them, it’s like trying to catch oiled spaghetti as it flies through the air. But, best friends are like that. They stick together through everything, and even if they get each other into trouble, they also do a great job of trying to keep each other out of it. Or, at least, out of being punished for the trouble they got each other into. I think that’s what this little kitten and his pupper best friend are going to be like. Know how I can tell? It’s that first lick. Take a look!

At first the kitten seemed a little reluctant to get to know the pooch too well, but once that big ol’ tongue comes out, a life long bond is formed. And these two? They have trouble written all over their adorable little faces. Just like Aiden.

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