Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are born into our families, some are adopted, some just become really good friends and seem like family. My kids have always had friends who seem like they’re just part of my brood. They eat at my house, play, have their birthdays, even spend the night. It’s just the way it is. They aren’t truly mine, but they feel like it enough that I sometimes call out their names when I’m getting onto my kids. This dog with these ducklings reminds me of that. They obviously are not part of the dog’s family, but that dog would protect them with her life. It’s obvious from the way she keeps huddling them back in. And they love her, too. Check it out! I don’t remember the last time I saw a family quite so cute, but this is definitely one that’ll stick with me for a while. That’s just what family does.

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