We all want to communicate as effectively as possible. In school we study English, and then usually a foreign language. Unfortunately, without regular use, that language usually slips from memory within a year or two after finishing our studies. Sure, we might remember that uno forever means one, but there’s a game to help us with that one, so it’s kind of a given. But what about people who speak our language, but not our words? This cashier at Chick-Fil-A met such a customer and was able to communicate with her in the most amazing way possible. Take a look!   Considering how many people speak sign language, it still surprises me that it isn’t taught in school. I wish it was. I don’t know the woman in this video, but I can only imagine the gratitude she must have felt at being able to order without the aid of an interpreter. Truly one of the best gifts one can be given.

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