Guilty Dog Hides Face After Being Caught On Bed

When no one’s home, we all do things we normally wouldn’t do. I like to take bubble baths with the bathroom door wide open. It keeps the steam from building up, I can see what’s going on in the house (like, what my dog is getting into), and I can turn on the music as loud as I want, lie back, and relax. Sometimes, though, I get caught. Usually by the hubster, much to his amusement, once by my mother-in-law (why she has a key is a discussion for a different post). Still, despite (or maybe because of) the risk of getting caught, it is my guilty pleasure. This dog? Hers is getting on her owner’s forbidden bed while no one is around to tell her to get down. But when she gets caught? So funny. take a look!

I love that until she noticed her owner she was basically flopping around, taking every advantage of the soft bedding she could. Peeking out the window, basically being a five-year-old, hopping on the bed. But the way she hides her face once the gig is up, I can’t stop giggling. When I get caught with my baths, I hide much more than my face, but I totally understand how this dog is feeling, none the less.

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