When we want to sleep in, we want to sleep in. Especially if the day before has been really busy. The day after Christmas all I ever want to do is sleep, but my kid are always raring to go. They’ve got their toys, they’re excited to go use them. Especially the outside ones. But me? I had a long hard day the day before and all I want is just a little peace and quiet. That’s not much for a mama to ask for, now, is it? This dog? This dog is my soulmate. He feels the same way I do about the whole waking up business, and he’s not afraid to tell his owner just how crazy her suggestions of ‘getting up’ and ‘going potty’ really are. Take a look!

My favorite part is that he doesn’t budge. Ten minutes later and he’s still just hanging. Just as sleepy and relaxed as he was at the beginning. Well, maybe not too relaxed. I mean, he does have someone constantly bugging him about getting up already. But this dog? This dog is what all moms should aspire to be. At least once in a while…

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