This Little Boy Has The Most Surprising Reaction To Receiving An Avocado As A Gift!

At some point in their lives, every kid is going to receive something for Christmas that they really just don’t want at all. Remember Ralphie with his bunny pajamas? That look on his face as he came down the stairs. Yeah, that’s the look. Some kids don’t take it as well. Maybe they wear their emotions on their sleeves, maybe they’re just not very well behaved kids, who knows. This kid takes it like a champ! Take a look!

I love that he acts so excited by an avocado, even though you know what he’s really wanting is a car or a bike or something flashy and fun. The truth is, his mom was teaching him how to respond to gifts he didn’t want. Something I never thought to teach my own kids…kinda wish I had, now!

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