Parents Tell Their Kids The ‘Truth’ About Santa, To Mixed Results…

Eventually we all have to give our kids ‘the talk’. No, not the birds and the bees…the Santa talk. And it’s rough. We’ve spent the first seven to ten years of our child’s life convincing them that magic is real, that there’s a jolly old elf who makes their Christmas wishes come true and flies to their home to deliver presents and cheer…and then we pull the rug out from beneath them and smash them over the head with a big ol’ truth bomb. It’s rough. Most of the time our kids already know. Maybe they figured out that Santa’s wrapping and mom and dad’s wrapping is the same. Or maybe the signatures on all the tags are the same. Something doesn’t line up. Our kids become these junior CSI detectives, determined to know the truth. So by the time we fess up, they’re usually like, “I know.” But sometimes…sometimes that isn’t the case. Take a look!

When it was time for me to tell my daughter, she was one of those junior detectives. She totally knew the truth. From the looks of some of these kids, they’re dug in pretty deep. Entrenched, so to speak. They might be lifers…but would that be so bad? Believing in magic your entire life?

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