Heidi Klum Sings “Santa Baby” With Sal Valentinetti

Christmas singing is part of what makes this season stand out so much. I mean, it isn’t like we have a ton of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter songs. It’s Christmas. It’s all about Christmas. And some songs stand out more than others. Of course there are the classics: Silent Night, Oh Come Oh Ye Faithful, Joy To The World…but, then there are modern favorites like this one: Santa Baby. It’s so naughty and so sweet and hilarious all at the same time that it’s hard not to love. Plus, hearing Earth Kitt sing it that first time is one of the most magical experiences in the world. Watching these two sing it together, though? Simply adorable. Take a look!

Santa Buddy…how cute is that? And the musical gingerbread men? Oh so perfect! But my favorite part? When Heidi ‘falls’ for him. You can tell the judges aren’t sure if it’s part of the show, but it totally is…and so so CUTE! Did I tell you how much I love this yet? Yeah, so so much.

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