Cats have to be the most opinionated of all animals. Dogs will do anything we want, for as long as we want it, because they just want our love. Cats? Well, cats don’t give a flying Fig Newton what we want because they’re in it for themselves. Not that they can’t be loving. I’ve actually got three cats, so there’s something about them that draws us in. Mine? They all have very different personalities. The youngest is all love. She follows me around the house (yes, even to the bathroom), and curls up by my side as long as I’ll let her. Her sister is more ‘hands off’. She never scratches, but she only comes around when she wants love…never because she wants to give it. And the oldest? Well, she’s an opinionated bossy-pants who keeps everyone else in their place. I’m guessing she and this cat have a lot in common…take a look! It isn’t that I don’t get it. No one wants to get shots or feel groggy. And animals especially don’t understand why they’re hurting or feeling badly after we take them to the vet. So I do get it. But even still, I hope this kitty gets over it by dinnertime… It’s no good swiping at the hand that feeds you!

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