For some of us, when we hear Christmas music, we can’t help but want to sing it out. Those sleigh bells start jingling and we start tingling, or, something like that. Can you hear the drummer boy in the distance? We can! Elf ain’t got nothing on us. Seriously, Santa Baby is like our mantra and we just want to let it snow, let it snow let it snow! This guy is one of us. When the Christmas music comes on, he’s pre-prepped with his ugly Christmas sweater and Christmas spirit thoroughly intact. Take a look! I don’t know if people still carol anymore, but if they did, I’m guessing this guy would be in the flock. He’d probably be right up front, huge smile on his face, and if you offered him hot cocoa, by golly he’d take it! This kind of happiness is what makes Christmas time truly the most wonderful time of the year, no bah humbug about it!

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