Anyone with big dogs knows they are big clowns. We’ve had big dogs my entire life, and it was like growing up with furry jesters. They have huge personalities, talk back, do things on their own time, and are the most loyal, loving animals you could ever imagine. This dog, Samson, is a Newfoundland…newfie…and they are especially silly. As a little girl, my parents raised show newfies and I can’t think of a single day these dogs didn’t make me crack up with their antics. One of our dogs, PC, had a thing for banana bread. I remember one time when my mom left a loaf of banana bread on the counter to cool, next to some ground beef she’d taken out to thaw for dinner. PC went past the ground beef and swallowed the banana bread in almost one gulp. Samson reminds me a lot of my dog, only, instead of banana bread all he wants is some soup. Take a look! I think my favorite part of this video is when he talks back after being told no. That’s such a newfie thing to hear. These dogs truly are gentle giants and this one truly puts a smile on my face.

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