Anyone who owns dogs knows they go bananas when someone they love comes to visit. For my dogs it’s my friend and one time roommate, Nicole. If they even THINK she’s anywhere in the house, they will search every room to find her. If she calls, they can hear her over the phone and howl until I put her on speaker so they can ‘talk’ to her. It’s hilarious. For these dogs, it’s Grandma they love. I don’t know if she’s got a special perfume, or what, but when they walk into the room and start ‘sniffing’ her out, they can’t contain their excitement! Take a look!

I love how they hunted her down and couldn’t wait to get up there to love all over her. Nothing feels more special than dogs when they’re excited to see you. It’s probably the best feeling on earth, truly. And these dogs definitely love their ‘grandma’.

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