When you’ve gotta dance, you gotta dance. And this pony has all the moves. I don’t know if this started as a Superbowl ad, or an ad for something else, but I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute this dancing pony is. Maybe it’s because it’s a farm animal, or maybe just an animal in general, but watching it wiggle and sway definitely put a huge smile on my face. And when the farmer drives by on the tractor? Well, it’s pretty perfect. Take a look! This is how I imagine my dogs act when I’m not at home. I think they probably dance all across the house and have moves that would put most professionals to shame. Maybe they don’t, but I like to imagine. I watched this ad with my daughter and she couldn’t stop laughing. It’s like this pony is me when I’m doing the dishes and no one’s at home to see. This pony is all of us when we’re taking a shower. And that’s probably what makes this so great – we’re all just a little ‘wild’ when we’re not being watched.

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