We all have our little games we play with our babies. Peek-a-boo is always a favorite, as is ‘got your nose’. But some people take their games to a whole new level. My daughter was three when we started playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. She always picked paper or rock, because she couldn’t quite make the scissor motion work, and any time she’d do paper, she’d slap her hand over and over like she was clapping. Basically, she was the winner whether she won or not. It was the cutest thing in the world. At the time we lived pretty far away from family, and being able to send videos back home of her and I playing these games was something I loved sharing with her grandparents. These kids play a different game altogether. As they’re taking a bath, their daddy decides to ‘sneak’ up on them. From their reaction, I’m guessing they’ve played this game before. Take a look!

What I love is that they’re not even startled. They just giggle and go about their bath time as if nothing has happened. Such cute little babies! Their giggle is what did me in. And what convinced me this is a normal game for them. Love seeing daddies bond with their kiddo’s, especially in completely ‘daddy-like’ ways.

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