This Penn State dad has wanted to go to the Rose Bowl for as long as he can remember, but since they never had the money it seemed like a dream that would never come true. When his wife decided to surprise him with tickets to the game, his reaction was incredible! Take a look! We’ve all had something we’ve wanted more than we can express. That thing that we always thought would be amazing, but that always seemed out of reach. Maybe a car that you loved in high school. Or a fantasy trip to Ireland to visit your family roots. Or maybe to hike the Appalachian trail. The idea that someone could present us with that dream is incredible, but also unbelievable. Things like that just don’t happen. But to see it happen for this dad, this man who has spent his life taking care of his family and doing what was necessary to keep everyone happy and healthy, well, his reaction is perfect. We may never get that trip, or our own special huge dream come true, but seeing it happen for someone else is almost enough. Especially when it happens to someone as grateful and excited as this!

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