Baby animals are nothing but live. They’re little balls of love. Okay, mostly the floofy ones, but still. And of all the adorable baby animals, kittens are probably the best. For one, they’re love, but they’ve also got opinions all their own. Puppies are love, but just want to be adored…kittens are feisty. So when a little floofer kitten lets you give it love, it just means so much more. This kitten, for instance, loves being kissed. But a funny thing happens when he’s being kissed…he starts to fall asleep. Take a look!

I seriously just want to crawl into this video and give that little guy all the kisses in the world. I’m guessing most of us do. He’d be the Sleeping Beauty of the animal kingdom with as much sleep as he’d get. But, he deserves ALL THE KISSES and since cuteness like this isn’t seen every day, I hope he continues to get them for a very long and happy life.

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