Little Girls Rocks Out With Her Singing Cat!

Remember when you were a little kid and dragons were real? Remember when your Barbies talked to each other and led full, if not somewhat tragic lives? When I was a little kid, my imagination rewrote the world around me. Instead of dogs, we had crocodiles, and if I didn’t jump from one piece of furniture to another, they’d eat me. My mom wasn’t so pleased by our crocodile dogs, or maybe the furniture hopping, but in my mind, it was all so so real. My stuffed animals were school children and I’d teach them lessons each day after I got home from school. My hamster? A superhero who had been shrunken down by an evil queen. This little girl? She and her cat are rock stars. And as they race through her neighborhood they sing out for the world to hear! Take a look!

I seriously love the silliness of this video. It is everything amazing about childhood wrapped up with an adult ribbon. From the imagination to the reactions, it makes me happy in ways I can’t even explain. I don’t know if my own children have an imagination as rich as mine once was, but I hope at very least they find time to rock out every chance they get!

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