Every child of the 80’s knows that Saturday mornings consisted of fixing your own bowl of cereal (so mom and dad could sleep in), and then watching cartoons about six inches away from the television set. We all watched The Flintstones, Snorks, Top Cat, The Alvin Show, Smurfs, and our favorite? The Jetsons. Who didn’t want to be one of The Jetsons? I, for one, spent plenty of Saturday afternoons pretending to be Judy Jetson and that my bike was actually a hovercraft that transported me from place to place. Who doesn’t remember such amazing lines as, “Can you speed up, George? We’re going to be late.” “Aww, honey. I’m already going 2000 miles per hour!” Amazing lives! Food that was heated in a metal box…things we couldn’t imagine back then. This video reimagines The Jetsons, but with real actors and a more modern twist…and, I have to tell you, I’d SO watch this show! Take a look!

First off, George Jetson was never that good looking on the cartoons. This world seems way more fun as an adult than I ever could have dreamed as a child…and it also seems not so far off! Like, that whole heating food in a metal box thing? Yeah, we all do that now. Next step? Cars that fold up into wallets and fit into our back pocket. A girl can dream…

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