Dog Becomes An Instant Pillow To This Sleepy Baby

When our babies are born, we want to think our animals will accept and love them as much as we do. We watch them carefully to see how they react, but at the same time, every time they do something that seems loving toward the baby, we find ourselves even more assured by the fact that these creatures share our homes to begin with. I, for one, couldn’t have been happier than the day I noticed my dog always made sure to sleep by baby’s crib, and stuck like glue to my daughter from day one. Now the are the best of friends and have been her entire life, but nothing made me happier than watching that relationship develop. That’s what I imagine is going to happen with this baby and this pup. Take a look!

Baby is so tired, and I love that the pup seems to recognize that. At first, pup tries to revive baby with a little lick, but after a hard, long day of babying…well, he just conks out. And this pup? Instant pillow. Sweetest pillow to ever live. Best friends for life.

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