Chappy the cat has never met a dog. Any dog. So when his family decides to adopt a puppy, no one knows exactly how things are going to go… We’ve always had a mix at my house. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, whatever. If it could be considered a pet, we had it. And probably all at the same time. None of our cats ever had a chance to be afraid of our dogs because they were always together. The dogs, on the other hand, had plenty to be afraid of with the cats…they still all had claws. So while the worst the dogs would do is sniff the cats, the cats knew they had the advantage. Maybe that’s why Chappy isn’t exactly afraid of this pupper…he knows he has the upper hand. Take a look! My favorite part is that Chappy is interested in the pooch, but doesn’t want the pup to know he’s interested. He plays it cool. “Oh, you’re new? Whatever…” So stinkin’ cute! I hope these two live a long and happy life together. They definitely look like they can become great friends!

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sister-and-baby-hug puppy-meets-kitten

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