It’s never been easy shopping for my dad. He’s a quiet man who never asks for anything, so it’s sometimes hard to tell exactly what he wants. Getting him what he needs is even harder, because he’s completely addicted to Amazon and with Prime pretty much two days after he says the words, “I need to get …..,” it’s delivered to his home. I can’t tell you the number of times I bought Christmas presents and then had to return them because he literally ordered it while it was sitting wrapped under the tree. I don’t know if the grandpa in this video is the same way, but I like to think he is. And I like to think that because he is, this is the first time they were truly able to catch him off guard with a present…take a look!

The look on his face says it all! While I might wonder if my dad would actually want a puppy, this man is definitely all about that little pooch. I don’t know if he’d been wanting one for a while, or how they knew he’d react this way to the little guy, but I don’t think they could have found that pupper a better home!

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