These Blind People Describe Their Loved Ones To A Sculptor

The idea that someone could experience the world around them through just their hands, or sounds, or anything other than their eyes is hard for me to imagine. Still, when I was a little girl I imagined it all the time. For some reason I was terrified of losing my vision, and how I would navigate the world, so I would spend hours walking around my house with my eyes closed. I would feel my way, making sure I knew where every stick of furniture was, making sure I knew exactly how to find everything I might need. A few years ago I temporarily lost my vision due to an illness and even the short period of time I had to go without was like realizing a fear I’d had my entire life. The people in this video give me so much hope. They are blind, but they prove that that doesn’t mean they can’t see…take a look!

I used to imagine what it would be like to never see colors again. Never see a flower, or a smile, or the way the sun sets over the back of my house. After watching this, I think I’d be okay. Not saying I’d want to lose my vision…the idea of never seeing my children ride their bikes the first time definitely made me tear up, but these people have found a way to experience the world in a way I never have…and from the looks of those sculptures their world is very rich indeed.

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