This Kitten Loves Her Dog Best Friend!

When we bring new animals into our families, we hope they’ll all get along. I always imagined scenes from Homeward Bound for my animals…not that I’d ever want them lost, but that somehow there’s some animal language and they protect and care for each other in their own animal way. When my dog Jane was younger, she was a destructive menace to furniture and pillows alike. Any time home alone meant coming home to tatters and sometimes hours of cleaning up. And forget kenneling her…it wasn’t in the cards. My vet suggested adopting a smaller animal for her to care for, and my neighbor’s cat had just had kittens, so I adopted a kitten for Jane. It was perfect. Jane spent all of her free time following the kitten around, and my house was never destroyed (by her, at least) again. The dog in this video? Well, you’ll have to take a look and see for yourself…

In my eyes, this has to be the most patient dog on the planet. The kitten obviously loves the pup, but I’m not sure the feeling is exactly mutual. It’s okay, though. Even if the love isn’t quite there, the dog at least seems to tolerate the kitten and sometimes that’s where love has to start…

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