Tessa Evans isn’t one of a kind, but she’s pretty darn close. Born with a condition called complete congenital arhinia, Tessa is one of the few humans whose nose did not develop in the womb. While this might hold some back, it hasn’t even slowed Tessa down. At seventeen-months-old, she’s a spitfire of love and happiness. Take a look!

Tessa’s condition means she has no sense of smell, but she can still cough, sneeze, and even catch a cold. One look at her and anyone can see she’s different, but it isn’t her lack of nose that makes Tessa stand out. It’s the effervescent smile on her face. Someday this toddler will undergo plastic surgery to create a nose, but for someone as lively as Tessa, it’ll only be window dressing. She’s been perfect since the day she was born.

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