Deaf Baby Hears Moms Voice For The First Time

From the day we find out we’re going to have a baby, we start imagining every single thing about that child’s life. Boy, girl. Ten fingers and ten toes. That first smile. First giggle. First word. But for some parents, a lot of parents, there is something their child has to overcome that no one could have planned for. Annabelle Lawrence was born profoundly deaf. She had the capability of hearing, with aid, but at three months old had not yet heard a single thing in her little life. On the day she was fitted with hearing aids, her mama recorded those first moments of sound and it was amazing! Take a look!

That first second, she’s not sure what’s going on. A whole new sensation. And then that grin. She’s still not sure what’s going on, but she likes it. It’s like a whole new world was opened up to her, and it was one she didn’t know was closed. Annabelle’s family may not have planned for their daughter to be born deaf, but neither could they have imagined that perfect moment of being able to watch her hear.

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