I Think He Might Be Just A Little Excited About His Wife’s Pregnancy Announcement…

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting things about starting a family. The moment those lines turn from one to two you know that your life is forever going to change, and that everything about you from that moment forward is done for that child. Second to that feeling? Being able to tell someone you love. When this woman told her husband that she was pregnant, it took just a second for the enormity of the situation to take hold and after that…? Well, you have to see! Take a look!

I’ve seen tons of pregnancy reveal videos over the years, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone quite so excited as this man. It really is as if he’s won the lottery in a way that goes beyond the reaction most would expect. I love this because pregnancy is hard. Parenthood is hard. This child is going to be coming into this world with two parents who are truly over-the-moon excited to have it in their life and while this man looks as if he’s won the lottery, it looks like the baby is going to be the real winner!

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