This Is What Happens When You Need Sleep, But Pizza Is Life!

We’ve all had those days where we ended up so tuckered out that the idea of eating just didn’t seem like a priority. Maybe it was a day especially packed full of kid activities, or a holiday, or maybe just a day with tons of chores and no down time. Regardless of what it was, I think we can all relate to the little girl in this video. After a long day of being a kid, she came home to her favorite – pizza…only, there was no way she could keep her eyes open for another minute. What she did next? Yeah, we’ve all been there… Take a look!

This is me after every major holiday. All that decorating, that cleaning, making sure everyone else did everything they were supposed to do. I’m always surprised when I make it through dinner sitting upright. And while this kiddo remained upright (mostly), she’s definitely all of us after those days.

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