Meet The Cat Who Thinks He’s A Horse!

This cat grew up in a horse barn and learned a few things… I once had a cat who seemed to think she was a dog. She’d cuddle with the dogs, eat their food, even drink out of their water bowl, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Even at the height of her doghood, my cat still mostly acted like a cat. She’s claw things, climb trees, and bend to unnatural positions to lick in strange places. Plus, while my dogs loved the water hose, the cat? Not so much. This cat, though, thinks he’s a show horse. Take a look!

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out this cat eats grain right along side the horses. Probably trots and canters, too. But, alas, he is still a cat…and I’m not sure they make saddles small enough to ride him. Sorry kitty, you can walk like a horse, but you’ll still be a cat to us.

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