Bridal Party Drops Groom On Wedding Day!

It’s the ultimate photoshoot gone wrong when this bridal party tries their darndest to hold the groom up on his wedding day…and fails. Take a look!

On my wedding day, we had very traditional, honestly very boring photos. The typical bride and groom in front of the church shot, whole family, brides side, grooms side….etc, etc, etc. And our dance? Traditional. Don’t get me wrong; I loved my wedding day and those memories will last me a lifetime, but if I had it to do over, I definitely would have been more creative, or at least I like to think I would have… Maybe a flashmob as everyone poured out of the church. Or maybe a special and weird dance. Maybe photos like the ones taken during this shoot. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll renew our vows at some point and have a chance to live out all my wild wedding fantasies. Until then, I’ll keep looking around for things like this to make me smile and giggle.

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