This Small Gift Reminds Us All To Be Thankful For The Little Things…

We want to teach our children to be grateful, thankful, gracious, and kind…but these are truly hard lessons to teach. Some of it has to come from within the child. I remember a tender moment from when my daughter was little when I saw her true spirit probably for the first time. We were in the grocery store and the woman in the bakery offered my daughter a cookie. My sweet baby acted as if she’d been given the world. She thanked the woman over and over and held the cookie to her chest, rather than eat it. As we continued through the store, I asked her if she was going to eat her cookie and she said, “I want to save it so Bubby can have it when he gets home.” Her brother was at school and instead of eating the cookie, she wanted to make sure he didn’t miss out. This video reminds me so much of that day with my daughter. A strong reminder to be thankful for those little things in life…take a look!

It’s a paperclip, but it’s so much more. That little girl embraced her gift as if it was the most precious thing in the world…the same way my kiddo embraced that cookie…and both remind me that it’s those little things in life that mean the most.

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