Little Girl Sniffs Dad’s Sock, Cringes From The Smell…

Babies are funny little creatures. They’re experiencing the world for the first time, and since everything is new, they want to experience it all! Remember that first time your baby tasted a lemon? The look on their face? It’s like they’re loving the experience, and hating it all at once. Like the world just opened up a world for them to see through, but then something flew through that window and punched them straight in the schnozz. That’s the look on this baby’s face as she sniffs her dad’s sock. She takes that first big whiff, and crunches up her nose in distain, but then the funny thing happens: she goes back for more! Take a look!

I don’t know if she’s doing it because she likes the reaction she’s getting, or if she’s really just trying to figure out what in the heck is happening with that sock, but she keeps going back to sniff it over and over and over…I just want to reach in and stop her, but at the same time I can’t stop laughing. It’s really funny to watch!

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