Dad Throws An Epic Snowball At Kid, Knocks Him Over…

We want to think as we get older we mature, make better choices. That we develop some sense of understanding of the world and how we should behave in it. Truth is, I don’t feel much different now than I did at fifteen. Some days I find myself wondering if there are other adults around me that feel more adulty than me…and then I see videos like this and think, “Nope. I’m feeling pretty adulty.” But, I get this video. I’ve been there. Maybe not throwing a gigantic snowball at my child, but definitely doing something and then instantly cringing because I realized it was probably the very wrong thing to do. I don’t know if that’s how dad feels after this, but watching it, that’s how I feel…take a look!

It’s that moment right after he lets go that I most recognize…that instant regret. I’ve. So. Been. There. I think we all have. That’s why I can’t get too mad at this dad. Yes, yes, it was an Awful thing to do, but, parenting is just one awful thing followed by apologies after another…am I right?

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