That first pet is a huge deal. It’s a rite of passage for a lot of kids, and parents alike. We want them to have it while they’re young enough to appreciate what a big deal it is, but not so young that we end up doing all the work for them. My first pet was a hamster named Skippy. Skippy lived a short, adventure filled life. I loved putting him in his ball and watching him tool around the house, or playing with him on my bed (even though my mom always told me he’d end up peeing in it), or just watching him squirm around in those tubes. Skippy was very loved, and when he passed away, I was heartbroken. Hamsters just don’t live very long. I know, as an adult that gives us a chance to teach children about death, but as a kid? It was horrifying. I love that this girl wanted (and got) a pupper for her birthday. And her reaction is way over the top amazing. Take a look! At nine, she’s probably going to forget to do a lot of things for this pooch, but I’m hoping he’ll live a much longer life than poor Skippy. I hope she grows into her puppy, and that she gets the opportunity to grow up with him. From her reaction, she’s definitely grateful for the opportunity to finally be a puppy-mama, so I wish them all the best!

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