My babies never slept. Never. I’m convinced they were aliens who came down in the shape of human babies in order to infiltrate our world. I mean, sure, they sleep now, but back then…nada. I would have done ANYTHING for the trick this dad has! Then again, maybe mine were normal and HIS is the alien? Who knows. I just know that this is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! Take a look!

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be able to snap their fingers and get their kids to lie down. I mean, could you imagine that trick on teenagers? Holy moly! Talk about a game changer! Maybe this dad should offer seminars to train us all in what he does…I’d go. I’d be there with bells on. Then again, maybe not. The bells, that is. I mean, if the whole point is to get them to lie down so they’ll sleep then bells would be a bit counter intuitive…just saying.

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