Sweet Little Boy Doesn’t Want To Hit His Spiderman Pinata

Compassion is hard to teach. From the moment our children are born, we cater to them. When they’re hungry, we feed them. When they’re tired, we rock them to sleep. When they’re dirty, we clean them. And of course we do, we love them and want to care for them. But in all that caring, it can be super easy for a small child to decide that the world is built around them…mostly because for the first couple of years it really is. So as they get older, we try to teach them compassion, empathy, understanding. That way they can be good, kind adults someday, and not awful humans we ant to disinherit (except those teen years…let’s just pretend like those years don’t exist for now). This video is so adorably sweet it might give you cavities. For his birthday, this little boy was given a pinata of his favorite superhero. If he whacks the pinata, he gets candy, but his superhero will be torn apart. So, he does THIS instead! Take a look!

How absolutely sweet is he? He just couldn’t stand the idea of hurting spiderman, no matter what was in it for him. And That is compassion. Not taught, but understood.

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