Halloween has come and gone, but for one little girl and one puppy the memories will last a lifetime…probably for very different reasons. Little Sierra loved carving her pumpkin this year. It was small, and personal, and the perfect size for a little girl to handle on her own. Unfortunately, the fact that it was so small also made it the perfect pumpkin for the family’s nine-month-old Newfoundland, Samson. So after Sierra carved it, the smells were too much for Samson to handle and he just Knew the little girl made a treat just for him. Also unfortunately, Sierra did not see it the same way. Take a look! What I love about this is that even though Sierra is mad at Samson for stealing her pumpkin, she eventually (even if begrudgingly) gives in and ‘shares’ it with him. So cute! Next year Samson’s going to be even bigger, but so will Sierra…let’s hope both of them end up with bigger pumpkins – and, maybe, they won’t have to share.

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