We always tell our kids to be grateful for what they have. There are people out there who have it way worse than you. But, it’s hard to get them to understand what they can’t see. Especially when it’s something they maybe don’t like, like school. There aren’t many teenagers who are just thrilled with going to school, but what if they never had the chance to go? Sixty-nine-year-old Durge Kami always valued education, but his family was too poor and lived too far away from school for it to be an option. Still, he never gave up his dream of learning, and now that he’s got the time, he’s getting the education he always longed for. Take a look! Talk about inspirational! I can not imagine walking the distance he walks at my age, much less his, and yet this is his dream. There is so much to learn from watching a man achieve his dream. I hope someday I get to see this man collect his diploma because, far more than anyone else, he has definitely earned it.

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