Every Monday we wake up, begrudgingly sometimes, and go about our week. Off goes the alarm, on goes the coffee, and as we shag our kids out of bed we think to ourselves, “Only five more days to go…” It’s a trudge. It’s a drag. And it’s something we all have to face. Sure, some people get to work from home, or maybe have a job they actually love, but most of us feel a bit like Sisyphus, pushing that rock up the mountain with every ounce of our energy…and just as we get to the top, down it rolls and up we go again. This baby is ALL OF US. Little one-year-old Lucas was hanging with his dad at a mall in Georgia when he decided to tackle this slide. You can watch him go at it over and over again, only to slide back down. A few times he gets so close to the top you just want to boost him the rest of the way, and down he comes. But know what? He keeps trying…take a look! His dad Ryan, a soldier in the Army, says Lucas never did make it to the top. But know what? Sometimes it isn’t about succeeding, but rather continuing to try. Lucas is going to make it to the top of that slide any day, and we are going to make it to Friday. All we have to do is keep on keeping on.

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