We all know parenting is hard, but this dad takes things with his gymnast daughter to the next level. I’ve always said I would never tell my kids to do something that I wouldn’t do myself, but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’d go this far. With nine-year-old daughter, Alex, in gymnastics, father, Ash, needed to find ways to bond on her level. Best way to do it? Share her passion. And he does. With each move, he gets a little closer to actually being able to do what his daughter does, and the admiration is clear on her face. Not to mention, it’s pretty adorable to watch. Take a look! I love that he starts out fumbling, but keeps going anyway. What an amazing lesson for his kiddo! The more he works it, the more he’s able to accomplish, and with each accomplishment the two find themselves growing even closer and sharing even more. I’m not sure Alex will be in gymnastics her entire life, but that’s okay…from the looks of things, her dad will be by her side no matter what she does.

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