When you’re trying to get fit, everything has the potential to offer inspiration. Whether it’s the friend who had surgery and is losing weight, or that commercial on television about the olympian parents. Everything seems like it’s guiding you toward your goal. But some things stand out more than others. Walking through the neighborhood and seeing just how beautiful my town is has been my biggest boost. It’s incredible seeing the trees, flowers, and even my neighbors houses as they change through the seasons. But I live in Texas, so that inspiration tends to be a little more short-lived. This man spent a year running and recording each run. Take a look!

Using Go-Pro, and various other recording devices, he captured every day of running and managed to weave together an incredible view of his town, through his eyes. It made me want to go running with him. I’m not there, yet, but when I get to that point I think this is definitely a project I’d like to do myself!

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