Meeting a new sibling is always exciting. For months and months kids are assured there really is a baby inside mommy’s ‘tummy’ and to finally see that there really was someone in there is nothing short of magical. Still, since jealousy can arise it’s important for parents to start early in preparing their old little for the new one. With my kiddo’s, we made sure they understood that the baby was theirs. That this was their baby. That the baby would be theirs to love and play with and care for. That seemed to help. This mommy asks her son how he’s going to treat his new sister, and he’s so enthralled that he starts to notice everything they have in common. Only, there’s something he has that she doesn’t…take a look! I have no idea where that question came from in the first place, but I can’t stop laughing at his innocent way of asking it. With mine, they didn’t notice until that first diaper change…something was different. This kiddo is on the ball, though, and wants to make sure he knows all the important details before she comes home.

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