When I was a little girl, maybe thirteen or fourteen, I loved to cook by myself. Things were either a hit or a miss, and as far as I was concerned recipes were a suggestion, not a requirement. This led to one of the absolute worst cookie tasting experiences of my entire life. I’d decided to make thumbprint cookies for the first time ever, and hadn’t been paying super close attention to the recipe. So when I read “One cup baking soda” I didn’t think twice about it. Boom. One cup. The cookies baked, and smelled delicious the entire time they were in the oven. When they came out, the jam in the center was the perfect texture – slightly gummy, slightly leathery, and my entire family was excited about these cookies. That is, until we tasted them. You seriously (hopefully) have no idea how quickly your entire body puckers up when you’re expecting something sweet and instead taste something that has a cup of baking soda in it. They. Were. Awful. That’s why I love this video. It wouldn’t have helped my cookies, but since I am more a by-the-seat-of-my-pants baker, this information is amazing to know! Take a look! I truly am blown away by all of this. And also a bit inspired. I can’t wait to try changing up some of my recipes to see if I can make an even fluffier cake! Watch out, family, there’s no telling what I’ll be up to next.

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