This Dog With A Pacifier Is The Cutest Thing Ever!

Every parent knows trying to get their child to give up the binky is a labor of love…and sometimes brute force. But what if your child is a 100-lb great pyrenees who really, Really loves his pacifier? Let’s just say some battles aren’t worth fighting. For one, it’s too cute. He’s a pupper, after all, so there isn’t the fear of social rejection once he starts kindergarten. For another, every time she reaches for it, he bats her paw away. This ‘little’ guy loves his paci. Lastly, it’s not like it’ll hurt his teeth, so I say let the binky stay. Plus, going back to the first point…it’s really stinkin’ cute. Take a look!

Seriously, tell me you’ve seen something cuter than that this week? I know I haven’t. I’m pretty sure her trying to get him to give it up is just a game, because it really is the most adorable thing ever, so you keep on with that binky, puppy, this is a fight you’re never going to lose!

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