From the moment we find out we’re pregnant, we want nothing but the best for our children, and we want to protect them from anything bad that might happen. So when one of our kids gets sick, it’s not only devastating, but can feel like we’ve failed in our job…even if there is nothing we can do about the diagnosis. When Charlie Dryden became ill with an aggressive form of blood cancer, her mom stood by her side to help her fight. That’s what moms do. And when news came that Charlie beat cancer, the two celebrated as one. Unfortunately, beating cancer came at a cost: Charlie most likely would never be able to conceive children. So when she found out she actually Was pregnant, there was one person she wanted to tell immediately, her mom. Take a look! After her diagnosis, Charlie had a chance to harvest her eggs to protect her ability to have children later in life…but the process would have taken too long and Charlie decided to work on saving her life, rather than creating a new one. The decision, though painful, proved to be the right one. Charlie survived cancer, and her son, Carter, was born healthy about two years after her original diagnosis.  

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