When my kids can’t find something, they always have me go looking for it. Thing is, I know for a FACT they don’t look that hard before they come find me. “Mom! I can’t find my shoes!” Have you looked? “Everywhere!” I walk into the room…They’re right beside you. “Oh.” I don’t know if it’s some sort of temporary blindness, or if they really don’t look but want me to think they do. My husband, too. It seems to be a family illness where I’m the only one who can ever find anything. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that it isn’t just my family. Take this little boy, for instance. He can’t find his fork anywhere! He looks and looks and still has no idea where it is…take a look! Funniest part is when his mom tells him where it is, and it’s like he’s surprised to find it there. I love it! And yes, it’s super cute now, but I’m hoping this kiddo gets better at finding things before too long, ’cause I know that mom is going to lose her patience when he begs her to help him find his shoes – and they’re on his feet.

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