We all react differently under stress. I remember the first time I ever rode a rollercoaster, I was maybe six or seven years old. My older brother rode next to me and while he was supposed to be there to reassure me, in truth he told me we were going to die. To his defense, I was a bratty kid and I probably deserved to be tortured…but I digress. The entire time I was on the rollercoaster (and it was maybe three feet off the ground, at its highest point), I screamed to get off. I was so terrified that I cried and screamed and carried on and by the time I got off, I might as well have died because rollercoasters were completely dead to me. This little girl? She has a WAY different reaction than I had. Yes, she’s scared, but in the face of her fear, she employees a truly hilarious coping system: take a look! “…And I’m not afraid to admit I love unicorns!” I couldn’t stop laughing! Also, I Totally plan to do this next time I’m scared. I’m just going to start shouting out the things I love in the face of fear and That’s what’ll get me through! “Coffee! I love coffee! And I’m not afraid to admit I love chocolate! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!”

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This Is What Happens When You Tell Your Kids To Try Something…And They Don’t Want To

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