Every mom of every child ever born is going to relate so much with this video. There have been so many times I’ve told my kids, “Just try it, you might like it…” And this was the response. Like, when I started roasting brussels sprouts and they were the best thing ever…this. Or when I accidentally picked up chicken soup with stars instead of alphabet…this face. All those times I ordered pizza with anything on it except cheese…this. Seriously, this child is the poster child for every single kid who did not want to try something, ever. And she’s cracking me up. Take a look! So I don’t know for sure that’s what’s going on in this video, but that sad little “Whee” at the end is the same sad little “Whee” I’ve let out over and over. It’s that final plea of, “C’mon, it’s not That bad…” I’ve watched this over and over again. I texted this video to my kids. Snapchatted it. Put it on Instagram. BTW, they did NOT find it as amusing as I found it. Personally? I think that proves my point.

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