Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest voices who ever lived. One of the greatest showmen, for that matter. His songs touched so many of us in so many different ways, but it’s easy to forget just how incredible he really was. His voice. His presence. While a lot of music today has autotune, or other voice distorters to give it a certain ‘feel’, Mercury did it all on his own. When the music is playing in the background of his songs, it’s hard to focus on much other than the rises and falls…but once removed, it’s all Freddie. All Queen, really. And that’s what makes this video so phenomenal…without the music, these men could be in front of any audience, singing any song, and they would still be the best of the best. Take a look! I have no words for how this made me feel. No, yes I do. Inspired. Touched. Energized. Incredibly humbled. So grateful that we got to hear that voice – even if only for a short time.

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