We all have bad days. That day where we shake the milk and the cap is already off. Or that day when our child wakes up before us and fills the living room with flour. Those times where we finish shopping only to realize our wallet is sitting on the table at home. Or those super fun days where we’re already running late, but our kids have hidden our keys in their toys somewhere… These days are livable because no one sees them but us (for the most part), and we eventually figure out how to laugh about them. This delivery driver has no such luck. On what was probably the worst day of his driving career, the most unexpected thing happened, and this security camera caught it all on video… Take a look! True confession: this has happened to me before, too. Except, for me, the car actually went INTO the living room of the house it was aimed at. So in that instance, this driver was super lucky. Sorry about your day, pal! Hope you’ve had some better ones since then!

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