This Little Snowboarder Fell Asleep Standing UP!

Vacations are hard. We all know it, but we all still crave them each year. Maybe it’s the escape. Maybe it’s the chance to live a life slightly less ordinary than the life we always live. Doesn’t matter what it is, vacations are exhausting. Take this little boy, for instance. After a hard day of snowboarding he just can’t keep his little eyes open any longer. And who could blame him? The hard exercise, being wrapped in a warm jacket, cool air on his face. Poor little guy is so tuckered out he falls asleep standing up. Take a look!

I wish I didn’t laugh so hard at the end, but let’s face it – who hasn’t been there? Dog tired, asleep on your feet – in his case, literally – and you just can’t stand any longer. Still, looks like he and his family had a great time, so I don’t feel ALL that bad for him. Hopefully he woke up later for some hot cocoa by the fire…

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